Sunrise-on-sea to Kwelera River Mouth Trail

Last Updated: April 2015

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    • Longitude: 28.0509
    • Latitude: -32.919
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    About Sunrise-on-sea to Kwelera River Mouth Trail


    Start: Sunrise-on-Sea

    Finish: Kwelera Mouth (or back at Sunrise-on-Sea)

    Duration: 6 km out or 12 km return

    Fitness: easy, and good for children

    Our tip: leave plenty of time to explore the beaches en route; the hike is best done at low tide because you can then hike up river, so time the start of the walk carefully

    Sunrise-on-sea lies on the southern edge of the Kwelera National Botanical Garden (formerly the Kwelera Nature Reserve) roughly 18 km from Gonubie.

    Kwelera is a small strip of protected coastline that lies between Gonubie and the Kwelera River mouth, lined with heavily wooded sand dunes - alive with birds, Vervet monkeys, bushbuck, blue duiker and dassies.

    The beaches of the hike are littered with boulders and pebbles that, given time to explore, will doubtless reveal exceptional examples of seaweed or hold you transfixed with the sound of the sea over the rocks that litter some of the coves.

    The start of the trail leaves the parking area and takes one down to the beach. It leaves the beach after a while and heads onto a grass footpath above a boulder beach, but if the tide is low then you can continue on the beach as well.

    The advantage of heading onto the grass path, however, is that it veers into coastal forest and along a path that takes one all the way to Kwelera Village. Along the way you will probably catch a glimpse of the blue duiker, or hear the call of the elusive Knysna loerie.

    Kwelera River Mouth is a surprise for its rather remarkable beauty. The estuarine system remains untouched and, as such, provides hours of exploration. It is popular with fishermen for the kobs and spotted grunters present in its waters.

    Either leave one car at the Kwelera Mouth so that your return is easy, or head back the way you came. A truly lovely ramble, perfect for children.

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